Miro crashes at startup

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Thu Jan 10 19:24:26 PST 2008

On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 21:05:19 -0600, Aryeh M. Friedman  
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> Thierry Thomas wrote:
>> Le Jeu 10 jan 08 à 12:06:16 +0100, Volker Glatz  
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>>  écrivait :
>>> Hi there,
>> Hello,
>>> I installed miro with "portinstall miro" - not changing any make
> options. It
>>> crashes at startup.
>>> Let me know, if you need more informations.
>> Could you please tell me if xulrunner is installed on your machine?
>> And the date of
>> /usr/ports/multimedia/miro/files/patch-platform_gtk-x11_setup.py
>> Such a bug had been reported by lioux, and has been fixed on Dec 14.
> This also happens if you install boost instead of boost-python... if
> you install boost with -WITH_PYTHON it works fine....

The boost with WITH_PYTHON=yes and boost-python are exactly same. The  
boost-python call on boost with WITH_PYTHON=yes define. Read in  
devel/boost-python/Makefile. I doubt this crash issue has to do with boost  
vs boost-python. When I created different miro port, all FreeBSD 6.x users  
report me crash issue while FreeBSD 7.x and above users don't have any  
problem. I can't figure what's wrong with miro in FreeBSD 6.x as all of my  
machines have FreeBSD 7.x.

> what is the reason for boost-python instead of boost?

For other ports that need boost with python stuff can depend on  
boost-python, but the current method of slave port in boost-python isn't  
right. It needs to be fix.


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