Maintain PHP4 and MySQL 4.0

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Thu Jan 3 01:01:04 PST 2008

On Wed, January 2, 2008 6:34 pm, Xin LI wrote:
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> Yeongsik Son wrote:
>> I'm working at a hosting company, and the company has got lots of
>> clients
>> who are using PHP4 and MySQL 4.0.
>> According to the Makefile of mysql40-server, it seems to be ripped out
>> of
>> 4.x, but the clients said they had problems with migrate their databases
>> to
>> 5.x.
>> Also, PHP 4.x will be supported unitl August 8, 2008 according to
>> FreeBSD 6 seems to be supported until May 30, 2010, according to FreeBSD
>> Security Advisory, and I wonder that ports maintainers will continue to
>> maintain 4.x until that date.
>> Do they have the plan of estimated EOL of PHP and MySQL 4.x?
>> If you they got, please let me know about it to force or cooperate with
>> the
>> clients.

Just grabbing one of the replies to the thread:

Also note that PHP 4.x will have a security case-by-case ONLY support till
that time, it will not be -supported anymore- at all (just on individual

Since PHP is an external third party application, please do not mixup the
FreeBSD supported versions and ports with eachother. We will support
FreeBSD  RELENG_6 still May 30, 2010, PHP support for PHP 4.x will vanish
at some point (most likely long before 2010).

My personal preference would be that we should double-consider whether we
want to keep these versions in the ports system (in the foreseeable
future) since the versions are no longer regularly supported, mostly
likely contain more and more bugs, and are only fixed on a case by case
basis, which potentially could cause harm to users using PHP (and MySQL).

That said; the period from 4.X to 5.X in both MySQL and PHP form were
rather extensive (in my experience) so people should have had the time
already to upgrade their software; if not face it that it will be costly
if people will find bugs and cannot resolve them anymore for that specific
version (support will be more and more expensive), in addition 5.X is
mostly backward compatible with 4.x (except for a few things that are not
backward compatible).

Do what you want ofcourse (And what your business sees as good practise)
but I would strongly suggest upgrading to PHP5(.2.5) and MySQL 5.0.51


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