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Yeongsik Son wrote:
> I'm working at a hosting company, and the company has got lots of clients
> who are using PHP4 and MySQL 4.0.
> According to the Makefile of mysql40-server, it seems to be ripped out of
> 4.x, but the clients said they had problems with migrate their databases to
> 5.x.
> Also, PHP 4.x will be supported unitl August 8, 2008 according to
> FreeBSD 6 seems to be supported until May 30, 2010, according to FreeBSD
> Security Advisory, and I wonder that ports maintainers will continue to
> maintain 4.x until that date.
> Do they have the plan of estimated EOL of PHP and MySQL 4.x?
> If you they got, please let me know about it to force or cooperate with the
> clients.

My suggestion is that, we should migrate to newer PHP and MySQL versions
(5.x and 5.0 at the moment) rather than waiting for the EoL.  Migrating
MySQL could be tricky, but doable, by converting the database to use
proper encoding scheme (previously most applications erroneously used
latin-1), which affects CJK users mainly.

To answer your question, currently, neither php4 nor mysql40-server has
set EXPIRATION date.  Typically, we maintain ports until their EoL from
upstream, but even decision is made not to maintain a port anymore, new
maintainers are always welcome as long as they make sure that the port
is kept in a workable and secure state, as FreeBSD is a community effort :-)

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