anyone working on an update of www/plone to 3.0.1?

NAKAJI Hiroyuki nakaji at
Wed Oct 24 04:41:22 PDT 2007


In short answer: new port www/plone3 is available about Plone 3.0.2. I'm
a maintainer of www/plone3.

I've just received "Committed" mail about www/plone3 to 3.0.2.

I made www/plone3 because it depends zope210 and it seems hard to upgrade
from zope 2.9 + plone 2.5 to zope 2.10 + plone 3.x. And, some zope/plone
products depend on plone 2.x and they may not work on plone 3.x, for
example, coreblog2. I'm not sure which products work or not work on plone3.

>>>>> In <C139B36785B8F435246813BE at> 
>>>>>	Palle Girgensohn <girgen at> wrote:
> Hi,

> www/plone needs updating. Is anyone working on it already? If not, I will.

> Since plone has a rather akward dependency chain, I'm looking at using
> the unified installer for installing plone, and hence use that for a
> port. Anyone else doing any work already?

> Zope, and hence Plone, is very picky about versions of python etc. The
> unified installer installs its own python 2.4.4 for example, which
> saves the admin a lot of trouble. It is not the way we do things with
> ports, I know, but plone is too picky, and it is tedious to require
> old versions of python *just* for this port.

> So, in short, anyone doing any work on this, or shall I?

> /Palle

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> <>

NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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