anyone working on an update of www/plone to 3.0.1?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Wed Oct 24 04:08:15 PDT 2007


www/plone needs updating. Is anyone working on it already? If not, I will.

Since plone has a rather akward dependency chain, I'm looking at using the 
unified installer for installing plone, and hence use that for a port. 
Anyone else doing any work already?

Zope, and hence Plone, is very picky about versions of python etc. The 
unified installer installs its own python 2.4.4 for example, which saves 
the admin a lot of trouble. It is not the way we do things with ports, I 
know, but plone is too picky, and it is tedious to require old versions of 
python *just* for this port.

So, in short, anyone doing any work on this, or shall I?



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