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Hi Julian,

On Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 12:54:03AM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
> In a move to support real krenel threads doing work in the kernel,
> the code that creates kerel processes has been renamed kthread_xxx to 
> kproc_xxx
> teh following ports seem to reference the renamed functions in kld modules 
> they create.
> I'm not a ports export so I'm not sure how to get a port to
> change it's behaviour in 8.0 as opposed to 7.0....
> these are the ports (in fact the lines in the ports) that
> will fail at this time..
> # find . -name "*.[ch]" |xargs grep kthread

> I'm not sure how I go about patching these two ports to  handle the 
> kthread->kproc
> for 8.0
> rename. Any help appreciated.
The ports infrastructure has an easy mechanism to add patches to the
source of a port before it is build, which can be made dependend on
OSVERSION.  If you can create pachtes against the source of those ports,
I'd be happy to get them incorporated in the ports themselves, and do
buildtime testing.

It would be as simple as a block of:
.include <>
.if ${OSVERSION} > 800001
PATCHFILES=		somefile.patch

and put the patches on freefall in ~/public_distfiles/
But like I said, I'd be happy to fix this, if you can create the


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