PORT: /ports/textproc/iksemel (NOT AVAILABLE MASTER_SITE)

Andrés Montalbán andres.montalban at itbusiness.com.uy
Sun Oct 21 08:50:27 PDT 2007

Hi, i'm writting this email to you because today I tried to install this port (textproc/iksemel/) and I got that the 
(http://iksemel.googlecode.com/files/) MASTER_SITE isn't available. I googled for the file (iksemel-1.3.tar.gz)
and I downloaded from another site (http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/nslu2/sources/iksemel-1.3.tar.gz).

I'm just sending this email to do a little help on the ports mainteneance i hope it helps.

PS: Sorry for my limited English skill.

Best regards,


Andrés Montalbán
IT Business Corp.
andres.montalban at itbusiness.com.uy
UY - Cell Phone: +598 94 081081

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