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Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Mon Oct 15 07:52:06 PDT 2007

On Sun, 14 Oct 2007, Paul Schmehl wrote:

> Well, I'll tell you why *I* had trouble with it.  When you run "make install 
> clean" on the php?-extensions port, it *installs* the extensions. Naturally, 
> I expected that when I ran the uninstall, it would uninstall the same ports 
> that it installed previously.  In fact, when you uninstall the 
> php4-extensions port, it *says* it uninstalled, but it *does* nothing. It 
> doesn't even remove the ports from the ports db - nor does it remove the 
> files installed with each extension port.
> That's *not* expected behavior for a port.
> I had no problem correcting the problem, but I should have had to.  If it's 
> not possible to uninstall the extensions ports from php4-extensions, then it 
> should tell you that when you try to run deinstall.  For me it was a minor 
> inconvenience.  For a newbie, it could be a disaster.

  Easy solution -- when doing a 'make deinstall' from the php?-extensions
  port, simply post a message after deinstalling the meta port:

     "WARNING: deinstallation of php?-extensions does NOT deinstall any
     php?-* ports install. If it is your intension to deinstall any php?-*
     ports installed by php?-extensions, " ... insert proper way to do so
     here ...

  That protect newbies from the same mis-assumption that Paul had, teach
  newbies and experienced FreeBSD admins the "right way" and how meta-ports
  work in FreeBSD, and still protect the whole concept behind how meta-ports

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