Xorg initial resolution broken

Mark Knight markk at knigma.org
Sun Oct 14 00:11:53 PDT 2007

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>Mark Knight wrote:
>> Just restarted X after various Xorg updates.  Now the server seems to be
>> completely ignoring the "Modes" line in the config file's Screen/Display
>> section and picking its own initial resolution.
>> No problem switching to the desired resolution later on when logged in.
>> Config and log files here:
>>   http://www.knigma.org.uk/scratch/resolution.txt
>> This configuration has worked for years so I'm sure it's down to the
>> Xorg update.  Any ideas please?
>> Cheers,
>Set PreferredMode and check for the Virtual screen size in the log, you might
>have to increase that to.

Thanks for the tips.

Setting PreferredMode caused the X server to lockup during start-up
before switching out of text mode and requiring kill -9, until I removed
my HorizSync and VertRefresh lines.

Tried with X -configure afresh and achieved the same effect.

With DDC and without HorizSync and VertRefresh lines PreferredMode is
working but I'm having to use a lower refresh and I've lost the highest
resolution my monitor displays.

So for me the choice seems to be:

  - stick with my old config and sort out resolution when I log in

  - accept lower refresh (75Hz) and lower max resolution (rarely used it
    anyway), and use PreferredMode

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