problems with linux ports

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Tue Nov 20 19:33:14 PST 2007

I sam working to try getting a current flash working, and I found 
something that seems screwy.  I've had pr0blems with the way that ports 
do/don't respect LOCALBASE/X11BASE so far, and while I guess I was 
wrong, I think I would ask someone else to check this ... the 
www/linux-firefox-devel (and probably the linux-firefox) ports sticks 
its large selection of shared libs intoa subdir named firefox-devel, but 
instead of this going into /usr/compat/linux/usr/lib like I was 
expecting, its being stuck into /usr/local/lib.  The files aren't bsd 
llibs, they're SYSV libs, so i dono't think that the linux ldconfig 
should go hunting over there.

I think it's installing in the wrong spot.  So I can continue with my 
work on the Adobe stuff, I'm going to fix my stuff here anyhow.  Let me 
know if I'm right, ok?  I'd file the PR if you wanted, I just want 
someone to verify this as wrong.

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