FreeBSD Port: ghc-6.6.1

Oliver Braun obraun at
Fri Jul 27 22:02:32 UTC 2007

Hi Thomas,

* Thomas Schilling <nominolo at> [2007-07-17 22:54 +0200]:
> in its current form the ghc port depends on many X-related packages which 
> makes it depend on xorg-7.2.  As I want to install it on my server I was 
> hoping I could avoid that (also it requires quite some manuel steps, thus 
> makes it not straight-forward).  AFAIK, from 6.6.1 on GHC does not need to 
> be built with all packages anymore, but rather contains of a few base 
> packages and so-called "extra-libs".

> I therefore suggest that the ghc port be split up into a ghc or ghc-base 
> port, and a  ghc-extra-libs port.  This way, it is should be possible to 
> build ghc with much fewer dependencies (and more quickly).

It's already on our todo list. But we haven't had enough time yet.
Sorry. But please feel free to start spliting ghc up in pieces.


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