FreeBSD Port: ghc-6.6.1

Thomas Schilling nominolo at
Tue Jul 17 21:20:09 UTC 2007


in its current form the ghc port depends on many X-related packages  
which makes it depend on xorg-7.2.  As I want to install it on my  
server I was hoping I could avoid that (also it requires quite some  
manuel steps, thus makes it not straight-forward).  AFAIK, from 6.6.1  
on GHC does not need to be built with all packages anymore, but  
rather contains of a few base packages and so-called "extra-libs".

I therefore suggest that the ghc port be split up into a ghc or ghc- 
base port, and a  ghc-extra-libs port.  This way, it is should be  
possible to build ghc with much fewer dependencies (and more quickly).


/ Thomas

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