How to include new dirs in @INC

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Tue Jul 24 17:03:50 UTC 2007

--On Tuesday, July 24, 2007 18:16:16 +0200 Anton Berezin <tobez at> 
> Right.  I assume that the port you are creating uses "normal" Makefile.PL
> for a part of the configuration process, while not being the main
> configuration mechanism (that is, the port does not define PERL_CONFIGURE
> in its skeleton).
Yes, but it also uses GNU_CONFIGURE for the main parts of the port.  So, in 
the Makefile, I have:


Is it possible to use both GNU_CONFIGURE *and* PERL_CONFIGURE?  Because the 
port needs to compile not just the perl scripts but a great deal of C code 
as well.

> In, there is a special handling of the ports that do define
> PERL_CONFIGURE to make them PREFIX-clean.  Unfortunately, this handling is
> not kicking in for special cases such as yours.
> The relevant lines from
> .if defined(PERL_CONFIGURE)
> .....
> So, if you can duplicate the setting of INSTALLPRIVLIB and INSTALLARCHLIB
> wherever "perl Makefile.PL" is run during configuration process of your
> port, this should make Perl modules installed by the port PREFIX-clean.
> If Build.PL is used instead, there is a similar way which you can look up
> in yourself.
I'll poke around.  I was unsure if I could use both GNU_CONFIGURE *and* 
PERL_CONFIGURE in the same port.  That's why I didn't use PERL_CONFIGURE. 
Maybe I could pre-build the perl parts?  This is a very complex port.  I've 
spent untold hours getting it working.  If I can get the perl part working 
right, then I can eliminate the pkg-deinstall script, but I'm not sure it's 
worth the effort.

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