Perl Dependancies in 7-CURRENT

Tony Holmes tony at
Tue Jul 24 12:54:28 UTC 2007

A bit more background on my ports building adventure.

I have one system I am using as a master ports system. It exports
the ports tree via nfs. The system I am attempting to build on
has the ports tree rw nfs mounted, and rw null mounted into a jail
I am attempting to build up (using ezjail to create the jails and
the nullfs ports "trick" to mount the base system /usr/ports - an
nfs mount - into the jail).

The 0 length perl Makefiles affected both the base (nfs mounted)
and jailed (null mounted) systems.

I went back to the exporting exporting and did a portsnap to bring
the system ports tree up to date - still the issue persisted.

So I built perl on the ports exporting system and suddenly the nfs
mounting system could successfully build and installed. The jail
with the nullfs mounted /usr/ports still gets 0 length makefiles.

My temporary solution is to nfs mount the /usr/ports into the jail
from the base system as well.

I am cc'ing this to current for information and more eyes :)

Tony Holmes

Ph: (416) 993-1219

Founder and Senior Systems Architect
Crosswinds Internet Communications Inc.

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