Perl Dependancies in 7-CURRENT

Tony Holmes tony at
Tue Jul 24 12:05:44 UTC 2007

> This snipped part is probably the most interesting to determine what caused
> this in your setup...

Actually it isn't - here is a much simpler, complete example:


mx1# cd /usr/ports/dns/p5-Net-DNS
mx1# ls
Makefile        distinfo        files           pkg-descr       pkg-plist
mx1# make clean
===>  Cleaning for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
mx1# make
===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
===>  Found saved configuration for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
===>  Extracting for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
=> MD5 Checksum OK for Net-DNS-0.60.tar.gz.
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for Net-DNS-0.60.tar.gz.
===>   p5-Net-DNS-0.60 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.8 - found
===>  Patching for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
===>   p5-Net-DNS-0.60 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.8 - found
===>   p5-Net-DNS-0.60 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.8 - found
===>  Configuring for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
Testing if you have a C compiler and the needed header files....
You have a working compiler.
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Writing Makefile for Net::DNS
===>  Building for p5-Net-DNS-0.60
make: don't know how to make all. Stop
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/dns/p5-Net-DNS.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/dns/p5-Net-DNS.
mx1# ls -l work/Net-DNS-0.60/Makefile
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  0 Jul 24 08:00 work/Net-DNS-0.60/Makefile

As you can see, 0 length Makefile. If i go into the work directory and
issues a perl Makefile.PL, it generates one, without any patches being
properly applied.

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