bsdpan- to p5- migration

Peter Beckman beckman at
Wed Jul 18 02:37:43 UTC 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Peter Beckman wrote:

> I didn't really understand BSDPAN, and so I installed all of my Perl
> modules via CPAN.  Now I have all of these bsdpan-* packages installed, and
> portupgrade can't manage them.  I'd love to migrate them all to p5-*
> packages so that portupgrade can manage them, but I haven't seen a mail
> post [1] about a good way (or a proper way) to do this with minimal effort.

  I found a non-production server to test this on, and here are my results.

  It seems that removing bsdpan-* from pkgtools.conf HOLD section and doing
  a portupgrade "bsdpan-*" will find the corresponding p5-* origin
  automagically and upgrade your ports accordingly, WITH CAVEATS.

  During the process, bsdpan-PathTools was being upgraded by port upgrade.
  The bsdpan version was deinstalled, and the installation of the p5 version
  failed (I don't know why, screen scrolled off buffer).  Every single
  upgrade after that died: "Can't locate in @INC"

  I knew what the problem was immediately.  I went to,
  downloaded the latest PathTools, ran perl Makefile.PL (the Build.PL
  wouldn't work), then re-ran portupgrade "bsdpan-*".

  I wouldn't recommend this process for a production server that is critical
  and requires Perl libraries to function, unless they are loaded in memory
  and if it crashed during upgrades you could be down for a few minutes
  while you manually fix the problems caused by this little upgrade.

  But at least now all my packages are upgraded and not duplicated!

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