bsdpan- to p5- migration

Peter Beckman beckman at
Tue Jul 17 20:50:46 UTC 2007

I didn't really understand BSDPAN, and so I installed all of my Perl
modules via CPAN.  Now I have all of these bsdpan-* packages installed, and
portupgrade can't manage them.  I'd love to migrate them all to p5-*
packages so that portupgrade can manage them, but I haven't seen a mail
post [1] about a good way (or a proper way) to do this with minimal effort.

The only suggestion I found was to "remove it and reinstall" but the fact
that all my bsdpan-* ports point to a p5-* origin makes me think there is a
portupgrade command that could do this, even if it is a bit of a script
(foreach bsdpan-* etc).  Maybe the -o flag?


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