bsdpan- to p5- migration

Scott Lambert lambert at
Tue Jul 17 23:47:25 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 04:15:17PM -0400, Peter Beckman wrote:
> I didn't really understand BSDPAN, and so I installed all of my Perl
> modules via CPAN.  Now I have all of these bsdpan-* packages installed, and
> portupgrade can't manage them.  I'd love to migrate them all to p5-*
> packages so that portupgrade can manage them, but I haven't seen a mail
> post [1] about a good way (or a proper way) to do this with minimal effort.
> The only suggestion I found was to "remove it and reinstall" but the fact
> that all my bsdpan-* ports point to a p5-* origin makes me think there is a
> portupgrade command that could do this, even if it is a bit of a script
> (foreach bsdpan-* etc).  Maybe the -o flag?

I've not personally messed with CPAN.  If the origins are correct,
then the HOLD_PKGS array in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf is probably
what is preventing portupgrade from updating them.

  # HOLD_PKGS: array
  # This is a list of ports you don't want portupgrade(1) to upgrade,
  # portversion(1) to suggest upgrading, or pkgdb(1) to fix.
  # You can use wildcards ("ports glob" and "pkgname glob").
  # -f/--force with each command will override the held status.
  # To completely hide the existence of a package, put a dummy file
  # named "+IGNOREME" in the package directory.
  # cf. pkg_glob(1), ports_glob(1)
  # e.g.:
  #   HOLD_PKGS = [
  #     'bsdpan-*',
  #     'x11*/XFree86*',
  #   ]

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