PLEASE TEST: sudo-1.6.9

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Mon Jul 16 18:28:49 UTC 2007

Hi all,

After nearly 2 years sudo 1.6.9 should be released very shortly.  The
two things I've been excited about is group order in nsswitch no longer
matters when trying to use group based permissions and SASL support has
been added when using LDAP based rules.  I've been using the RCs for the
past few weeks and so far the only issue I've seen is some SASL related
problems.  (More on that later.)  Before I commit an update to the port
I'd like to get a little feedback.  From looking at UPGRADING and
CHANGES a lot of work has gone into this new release.  Environment
handling has been heavily redone.  I don't want hate mail from people if
their stuff breaks so here's your chance...

As for SASL support, I'm having a problem when sasl_auth_id is set in
ldap.conf which is causing sudo to fail to authenticate when attempting
to bind to LDAP while nss_ldap shows no issues.  (By the way, should I
change sudo to use nss_ldap.conf instead of ldap.conf since that's what
nss_ldap installs and the file is meant to be shared?  Maybe make this
configurable?)  Can someone explain to me how sasl_auth_id works in
nss_ldap?  It seems to have no effect on my setup here.  I can set it to
a totally bogus value and it works just fine.  I've tried with versions
255 and the new 256.  I'd be curious to here from other sudo+ldap users
how the SASL support works for them.  Thanks.

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