Continued problems with pkg-plist

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Mon Jul 16 17:50:06 UTC 2007

For the record (in case somebody googles this thread in six months), I was 
able to solve this problem by adding the following to the pkg-deinstall 

if [ "$2" != "POST-DEINSTALL" ]; then
        exit 0

So, the script, in toto, now is:


# Since pkg-plist prepends PREFIX to SITE_PERL,
# we can't remove this file in the normal way

if [ "$2" != "POST-DEINSTALL" ]; then
        exit 0

/bin/rm %%SITE_PERL%%/mach/

And the perl module is removed without errors.

Paul Schmehl (pauls at
Senior Information Security Analyst
The University of Texas at Dallas

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