apache13+ssl on 64bit system on amd64

Bakul Shah bakul at bitblocks.com
Thu Jul 12 21:53:15 UTC 2007

This used to work under 32 bit kernel+userland on the same
machine.  After I switched to a 64 bit kernel+userland, I
used original 32 httpsd until now.  Today I decided to
compile it for 64 bit and now it dies with:

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache.sh start
Syntax error on line 208 of /usr/local/etc/apache/httpsd.conf:
Cannot load /usr/local/libexec/apache/mod_mmap_static.so into server: /usr/local/libexec/apache/mod_mmap_static.so: Undefined symbol "ap_null_cleanup"

And yet apache13 works fine.  Has anyone else seen this?  Any workaround?

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