field notes - dansguardian and tinyproxy

Freddie Cash fjwcash+freebsd at
Mon Jul 9 21:02:57 UTC 2007

On July 9, 2007 12:02 pm Mark Foster wrote:
> Just completed a setup of dansguardian w/ tinyproxy on 5.5-RELEASE-p11
> and it works pretty well. Performance is a bit lackluster, but
> acceptable.
> I noticed that dansguardian requires squid via RUN_DEPENDS but that is
> a bit inflexible isn't it. I just commented out that line in the
> Makefile before make install.
> Dunno if that's the "right way" but it would be nice to have the option
> of toggling in tinyproxy (or whatever) instead of squid.
> Also, tinyproxy wasn't working for me on sparc64, it built/installed
> fine but using a mostly default config seemed to munge the IP address
> of the client, making the Allow ACLs in tinyproxy.conf useless. Is than
> an big vs. little-endian issue?
> e.g. was being seen as

I've tried getting DansGuardian to work with the latest versions of 
Tinyproxy, and have never succeeded.  Keep getting "malformed request" 
responses from Tinyproxy.  As such, I haven't changed the DG port to use 
anything other than Squid.

I guess I could add an OPTIONS knob for Squid it, defaulting to on.  Those 
that don't want Squid could disable it.

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