field notes - dansguardian and tinyproxy

Mark Foster mark at
Mon Jul 9 19:02:15 UTC 2007

Just completed a setup of dansguardian w/ tinyproxy on 5.5-RELEASE-p11
and it works pretty well. Performance is a bit lackluster, but acceptable.

I noticed that dansguardian requires squid via RUN_DEPENDS but that is a
bit inflexible isn't it. I just commented out that line in the Makefile
before make install.
Dunno if that's the "right way" but it would be nice to have the option
of toggling in tinyproxy (or whatever) instead of squid.

Also, tinyproxy wasn't working for me on sparc64, it built/installed
fine but using a mostly default config seemed to munge the IP address of
the client, making the Allow ACLs in tinyproxy.conf useless. Is than an
big vs. little-endian issue?
e.g. was being seen as

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