Something wrong with portmaster?

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jul 2 17:22:14 UTC 2007

Lars Stokholm wrote:
> I installed FreeBSD yesterday and one of the first things I did was to
> install portmaster (1.17) and use it to install a couple of other ports.
> For some (not all) of the ports the script stops with "Terminated" - I
> don't think it used to do that.

It didn't do that before 1.17, you're right. In that version I added
code to more aggressively terminate all background jobs when the
parent script ended. I searched pretty hard for a way to make the
"terminated" messages go away, but I couldn't get them all. Any
suggestions are welcome.

> Here's an example:
> | ===>   Registering installation for linux-flashplugin-7.0r69
> | ===>  Cleaning for linux-flashplugin-7.0r69
> |
> | ===>>> Upgrade for www/linux-flashplugin7 to linux-flashplugin-7.0r69
> succeeded

Succeeded is the key word here. :)




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