James Bailie jimmy at mammothcheese.ca
Mon Jul 2 16:35:28 UTC 2007

Stefan 'Steve' Tell wrote:

 > What about videos on YouTube?

I had my native Firefox go wonky after the XOrg upgrade, and
after several recompiles and dependency recompiles, it just got
worse.  I used portupgrade to keep my ports current, but the
source of problem continued to elude me.

As a short term solution, I have ditched the native Firefox and
installed linux-firefox.

By creating symbolic links in


I was able to get the linux-flashplugin-7, linux acrobat7, and
linux-realplayer plugins to work, without crashing the browser.
YouTube works fine, but sound goes out of sync immediately, as
it always did with that plugin.

Haven't bothered yet to see if I can get Java working.

James Bailie <jimmy at mammothcheese.ca>

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