Vertical split patch in sysutils/screen

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Mon Jan 29 16:02:40 UTC 2007

In message <20070129140114.GA64768 at>, Jeremie Le 
Hen wr
> Hi,
> (Please Cc: me when you reply.)
> I've integrated the "vertical split" patch for GNU Screen into the
> sysutils/screen port, toggled with WITH_VERTICAL_SPLIT knob.
> The original patch can be found here:
> I don't know if anyone is interested, so I simply post it here for
> the record.

A couple of comments. Something like this should be integrated into the 
base screen software. screen-devel at or screen-users at might be 
a good place to start. That is the preferred approach. If the greater 
screen community does not feel this additional functionality is necessary 
and if we the FreeBSD community feel it is, I believe we could implement 
this. For something like this we should approach the GNU screen developers 

If we as a FreeBSD community decide to implement this outside of the GNU 
screen development community, I'd like to spend some time testing it. 
People are free to test it and let me know what they think.

Firstly though, we should submit this to screen-devel at I would like 
to be in the loop when you do submit it to them.

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