"Recommended test ordering" question.

Julien Gabel julien.gabel at thilelli.net
Mon Jan 15 19:43:56 UTC 2007

>>> I just updated the patch for a little port i maintained, and
>>> encountered a curious error following the "Recommended test
>>> ordering" found in the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook to test it
>>> properly.  Here are the steps:
>>>  - make install
>>>    => ok.
>>>  - make package
>>>    => ok.
>>>  - make deinstall
>>>    => ok.
>>>  - pkg_add package-name
>>>    => ok.
>>>  - make deinstall
>>>    => Errors about directories which can't be deleted.
>>>    => Directories _not_ present anymore, but were present after
>>>       the pkg_add step.
>>>    => ok (port seems deinstalled correctly).
>>>  - make reinstall
>>>    => ok.
>>>  - make package
>>>    => ok.
>>> Any suggestion on why i get these errors, although all "seems" fine?

>> Your pkg-plist is incorrect.  Perhaps you are doing things in your
>> post-install script that are only executed when the port makefile is
>> run, but do not have a corresponding @exec statement in your
>> pkg-plist.

> [...] or the "make install" step might also create empty directories.
> You should add those with "@exec mkdir -p %D/share/foo" in the packing
> list. Note that these steps won't tell you if you have installed files
> not recorded in the packing list. Using PREFIX=/tmp/foo usually help,
> assuming it is prefix-clean.

In fact i use both of the proposed suggestions, but the second was the
one which created the warnings.  Fixed now, at least my tests are all
ok by now.  I am going to fill a PR to update the corresponding port.

Thank you Florent, and Kris.

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