FreeBSD Port: sugarcrm-3.5.1

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Sat Jan 6 05:15:46 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-Jan-05 22:01:32 +0000, Nick Hilliard wrote:
>>However, the freebsd ports system manages upgrades by removing the old 
>>package, installing the new one, and hoping that the package itself can 
>>deal with any sql / config  upgrades which might be necessary. 
>>So as maintainer, I'm left with a situation where if a random freebsd 
>>punter runs "portupgrade" on their sugarcrm installation, they will nuke
>> their CRM database.  Not optimal.  And there is no way in FreeBSD ports
>> to detect if the user is running the "portupgrade" command and to bring
>> the system to a screeching halt if they try to upgrade sugarcrm by
>>using this command. 

Note that it's not just portupgrade - any similar ports management
tool will run into the same problem.  And it's not just an issue for
sugarCRM - other ports with database backends have similar issues
(even portupgrade has been known to upgrade itself into a state where
it can't read its own database).  The easiest solution I see is for
more of the upgrading smarts to move into the core ports system:  Add
a new "make upgrade" target which defaults to "make uninstall && make
install" but can be over-ridden by ports to suit themselves.

Peter Jeremy
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