FreeBSD Port: sugarcrm-3.5.1

Nick Hilliard nick at
Fri Jan 5 14:15:36 PST 2007

> I see in the ports the 3.5.1 version of sugarCRM... On the main web site
>  at
> there are talking about version 4.5.1 (beta)
> Is it possible that the FreeBSD adaptation is that much behind?

Pfft.  Must be the time of year or something, but you are the 4th person in
24 hours to ask me about an upgrade to 4.5, after months of relative silence.

Yes, the freebsd port is still at 3.5.1. I've attached an edited part of an 
email to someone else below, explaining why this is the case.

As this is evidently causing people problems, I will get a PR filed next 
week to upgrade to 4.5.0.  This port is not going to deal gracefully with 
upgrades, so anyone with a current 3.5.1 installation should use the 
in-line upgrade mechanism to upgrade to 4.5.0 instead of portupgrade.


> [upgrading to something more recent] is something on my todo list for
> the near future.
> There are a couple of reasons that I haven't done it so far.  The real 
> problem lies with SugarCRM's upgrade procedures, which do not interact 
> well with FreeBSD's ideas of how to upgrade ports.
> SugarCRM's idea of upgrades is to download and install specific upgrade 
> modules, and these modules will self-upgrade the SQL back-end, the 
> front-end and any local customisations which might have been made. 
> However, the freebsd ports system manages upgrades by removing the old 
> package, installing the new one, and hoping that the package itself can 
> deal with any sql / config  upgrades which might be necessary. 
> Unfortunately, last time I checked, SugarCRM barfed very badly when I 
> tried this - it just complained on startup that the SQL version was 
> wrong or something, and that it really wasn't going to cope with this 
> situation in any meaningful way.
> So as maintainer, I'm left with a situation where if a random freebsd 
> punter runs "portupgrade" on their sugarcrm installation, they will nuke
>  their CRM database.  Not optimal.  And there is no way in FreeBSD ports
>  to detect if the user is running the "portupgrade" command and to bring
>  the system to a screeching halt if they try to upgrade sugarcrm by
> using this command. 
> [...]  So I've
>  left 3.5.1 in the ports tree for the time being, because this was the 
> first version which had (relatively!) reliable in-line support for 
> upgrades, and once someone was running 3.5.1, they could easily upgrade 
> their systems to more recent versions.

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