Impending update to devel/gettext

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Fri Feb 16 04:32:45 UTC 2007

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 22:01:03 -0600, Ade Lovett <ade at> wrote:

> On Feb 13, 2007, at 00:23 , Peter Johnson wrote:
>> The correct fix is probably a patch to the gettext configure script to  
>> disable the check for gmkdir.
> Hi Peter,
> Please see
> MD5 (gettext-4.diff) = 792085ea01e8242e7e0260bad3336efd
> This should address your issues with sysutils/coreutils being around,  
> and gettext picking up on gmkdir.

I have updated it in MC without bump it, but I always can bump it for  
gmkdir issue if one of my team request. Is it rare? If it is, then I think  
anyone can always reinstall it. :-)

> Everyone,
> In addition, as part of the ongoing cleanup of the tree as a result of  
> the deprecation of 4.x for the ports world, devel/gettext will now FAIL  
> (strangely) on 4.x.  This is on purpose, and I have no plans to change  
> things back.  I'm not even going to put in a "BROKEN on 4.x" stanza,  
> since work is underway to remove those from the tree.
> Naturally, with the number of ports depending on devel/gettext, this  
> will be a pretty good sledgehammer blow.

Sounds good, I think that Kris said that 4.x support are going to be gone  
in our tree (include bsd.*.mk) sometime soon (unsure on when, but soon).

> Assuming no further issues, I will be committing this update on or  
> around 1st March 2007.
> Thanks to everyone who has provided input on this patch to date.

There is no issue with GNOME 2.17/2.18 in MC so far.


> -aDe

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