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On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 01:31:59PM -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
> In <20070211122314.GA1589 at>, Scott Mitchell <scott+lists.freebsd at> typed:
> > Good work, this script is pretty cool!  One thing that might be nice to add
> > is an option to download new packages from the packages-X-stable
> > directory, if a newer version is found there.  I think you only ever look
> > in packages-X.Y-release at the moment, and those never change after the
> > release as far as I know.
> While the option might be useful, you may want to build from source in
> that case. While ports that postdate X.Y are supposed to build and run
> correctly on X.Y (for supported values of X & Y), and packages built
> on systems that predate X.Y are supposed to run correctly on X.Y,
> packages built on systems that postdate X.Y may not run correctly on
> X.Y. If you're already doing thorough testing of the system after you
> upgrade the packages, this doesn't really make much difference. But if
> you're expecting that the testing was done by someone else, your
> expectations don't match reality.

Yup, I know all that.  I wouldn't do that kind of upgrade on a server, but
on my workstation, with copies of the old packages around just in case, I'm
willing to take that (in practice very small) risk, if only to avoid
spending the half a day it takes to rebuild KDE from source :(


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