sqlite3 - any plans to update?

Maxim Khitrov mkhitrov at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 09:51:37 PST 2007

On Dec 29, 2007 6:50 AM, Yuri Pankov <yuri.pankov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all - why this is a question and not PR with patch to update -
> there are too many dependant ports which I have no way to test and
> current stable version is 3.5.4, which isn't minor modification (I
> think). And I'm getting spammed by bogofilter trying to convince me to
> update sqlite to at least version 3.4.2.
> So, are there some showstoppers or is it just ETIME & EHOLIDAYS? :-)
> TIA,
> Yuri

I e-mailed the maintainer as well as portmgr at . No response from
maintainer, but Pav Lucistnik suggested that I prepare the update then
wait 2 weeks to allow anyone other than the maintainer (assuming that
he is MIA) to commit. I even started looking at it, but I have about
10 other things I need to be working on. I'll see if it's a simple
case of updating the makefile and distinfo. If not, it would probably
be best if someone more familiar with sqlite (and ports) internals
handle the update.

- Max

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