courier-imap-4.3.0 breaks connecting/logging in for some users

Stefan Bethke stb at
Mon Dec 17 13:14:29 PST 2007

Am 17.12.2007 um 20:20 schrieb Matthew D. Fuller:

> On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 07:49:30PM +0100 I heard the voice of
> Stefan Bethke, and lo! it spake thus:
>> No errors are logged [...]
> If you try logging in manually, I think you'll find it complaining
> about the uid/gid of the maildir; the latest version seems more strict
> about that on the IMAP side, though POP doesn't care.

Oh good. Thanks for pointing this out, it in fact appears to be the  
issue with the affected accounts. Why it matters which client accesses  
the account, I cannot fathom. (I did use telnet to log into various  
accounts, but no hint was given to any possible permission problem;  
imaplogin did not output *any* log information. Unhelpfully, it logs  
successful logins.)

Considering that it appears to be virtually impossible to diagnose  
this without tracing processes, I will inverstigate alternatives.  
Maybe it's time to go back to Cyrus.


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