TeTeX and TeXLive

Parv parv at pair.com
Mon Dec 17 01:50:26 PST 2007

in message <20071216.225955.111308887.hrs at allbsd.org>,
wrote Hiroki Sato thusly...
> I have tried to create TeXLive port and have some working results,
> but I cannot commit it because the following issues still remain:
>  1. Compatibility with other packages which uses TeX.  Some depend
>     on old teTeX structure, some depend on hard-coded directory
>     structure, and so on.  teTeX in the current ports tree has
>     various glues for such software which are not integrated into
>     teTeX yet.
>  2. Finer-grained package management is needed.  Creating a
>     TeXLive port as "one very large package" is possible but I do
>     not think it would work well.  There are many people who do
>     not want to install such a large package (TeXLive needs >500MB
>     disk space) for a simple use, and who can install it but want
>     to update some specific macro packages after that.  Also, I
>     want to solve a situation that we have print/tex and
>     print/teTeX separately.

(finally some news)

Thanks much Hiroki for the update!

I will look forward to the upcoming ports, and if I could help with

  - Parv


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