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 Le 17/12/2007 à 11:02:45+0900, Hiroki Sato a écrit
> Bakul Shah <bakul at bitblocks.com> wrote
>   in <20071216202200.51C4F5B2E at mail.bitblocks.com>:
> ba> Why not add TeXLive port even as it is, so that people can
> ba> play with it?  As for modularization, I hope you don't go the
> ba> extreme of a zillion little pieces but instead break it in a
> ba> few pieces to cover about 90% of the use(rs).  More pieces
> ba> means more things can go wrong.... [just my opinion]
>  Do you think splitting it to small packages will be a big problem?  I
>  realize it takes additional time, but considering pros and cons I
>  think it is better to do so.  If you have any ideas that points to a
>  bad scenario, please let me know more specific.

I'm only a tex user, not tex gourou. 

For your question I think all depends what's you mean «small packages». I
think for the user it's important to have something easy to install (This
is the tex distribution purpose...).

For example if a user need to install 10 ports to make 

	Hello world

to compile with latex....it's hopeless. 

I remenber sometime ago there are beamer packages as a ports. Well that's
not a big problem because not every tex user use beamer. But now beamer is
part of teTeX. It's better because many user don't known baemer event

Well...IMHO «we» need a big ports ports for 99% users...


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