Limitations of Ports System

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Sat Dec 15 12:29:20 PST 2007

Frank J. Laszlo wrote:

> I rarely post on -ports anymore, due to the lack of order and respect 
> for those who actually DO SOMETHING, and not just bitch and moan about 
> things that should be done.

Let me also make another point related to this sentence.  While 
obviously there should be respect for those who actually do something, 
there also very much needs to be respect for those who DON'T do 
something.  FreeBSD's goal ultimately is to serve the community - as it 
says in big letters on the main web page "The Power to Serve."  Not 
everyone has time or talent enough to make an effective contribution, 
but even those who simply use the product must be seen as important 
members of the FreeBSD community.  As such, requests or complaints 
should be taken seriously.  It is OK to argue that they are asking too 
much, or that we cannot provide for their request, but it is never OK to 
simply tell them to "shut up."


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