Limitations of Ports System

Brian bri at
Fri Dec 14 17:21:06 PST 2007

Mark Kirkwood wrote:
> That is a little unfair IMHO - Aryeh has to gather information from 
> those who use the current system, and @ports is clearly the place for 
> that! Now he may listen to all, some or none of the points of view he 
> receives... and that may well determine the success or otherwise of 
> his ports-ng process - but I don't think he is doing anything wrong.
> I agree that a new list (ports-ng or similar) for this would be a good 
> thing to start *soon*, so that those folks (probably from *this* list) 
> who are interested can see what is happening and maybe help if they like!
> Cheers
> Mark
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Information does indeed need to be gathered, and while even the ports 
list will only grab a small percentage of FreeBSD users, other options 
would likely grab a lot less.  Plus, most of the users here are 
knowledgeable enough to give decent input.  For those of you that don't 
like change may I suggest the book that led to  It is really in all of our best 
interest to have the product evolve, the alternative is much worse. 


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