Ion3 removal (Re: Ion3 license violation)]

Mikhail Teterin mi+mill at
Wed Dec 12 19:31:15 PST 2007

середа 12 грудень 2007 09:49 по, Mark Linimon Ви написали:
> Further, note that my initial commit tried to do this, and I asked the
> author if it was acceptable.  It was clear from his reply that it was
> not -- especially considering the following history:
> Anyone interested in this thread needs to go read that one first.

From Tuomo's own words, it would appear, that Debian porters have found a 
solution, which he finds acceptable...

Maybe, their "pissed-off threshold" is just greater, and they were able to get 
through his fireworks without losing the sight of /their users/, who continue 
to like the software, however frustrating the author's fits...


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