xmule port

Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira lioux-list at uol.com.br
Wed Dec 12 17:52:15 PST 2007


> I have noticed that xMule has been removed from our ports tree.
> Could someone say me why? I uses xmule and worked for me, but now i  
> cant install it from ports.

   I removed it due to lack of development. The last update happened on 
09/11/2006, more than a year ago. Since the de facto standard for 
edonkey p2p communication is emule, a client is of no help if it does 
not follow emule's development.

   xmule implements none of the last year worth of emule protocol 
development. You are better off trying either net-p2p/amule or 
net-p2p/mldonkey (which I personally recommend).

   If you still want to use xmule, I'll revive the port with no maintainer.


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