HELP needed by experienced porter for simple review

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Thu Dec 6 13:22:10 PST 2007

>> rc.conf
>> It's a shame that I can't use a script placed in /files to change rc.conf
>> during install/
>> deinstall. I really liked that. But i guess I will settle with a dull
>> pkg-message at the
>> end, like the rest of you...
> Well, no, it's not a shame.  The last thing we want to do as a community 
> is enable all sorts of daemons that users don't know they have enabled. 
> It's up to the owner of a box to enable a daemon **in the way** that they 
> want it enabled.  For example, *none* of the daemons on my workstation 
> listen for connections on its IP address - only on localhost.  If you 
> enabled the daemon by default while installing the script, and I didn't 
> have time to config it the way I wanted, and it got started (either by 
> accident or by reboot) I would be pissed (not to mention possibly hacked.)
> As porters our job is to make the software available for install *not* 
> decide how or when it will be used.

I principal I agree. My script asked if you wanted the lines added to 
rc.conf or not.
That can ofcause be a problem i you want to make install world or 
But the current way is not very userfrendly - especially for non tech 
desktop users.

/Simon R. 

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