HELP needed by experienced porter for simple review

GP godpost at
Thu Dec 6 04:34:11 PST 2007

>  - Respect the CC, CFLAGS and LOCALBASE. See in post-patch.
>  - Add in 'files' directory.
>  - Remove that add_to_conf stuff in Makefile, use pkg-message.

Thank you Mezz, for going through my makefiles and making it conform to the 
principals of
the ports system. That was a very big help to me and an effort beyond 
It gave me a new understanding of /files that I will pass on to the doc team 
hopefully into the next version of porters handbook.

It's a shame that I can't use a script placed in /files to change rc.conf 
during install/
deinstall. I really liked that. But i guess I will settle with a dull 
pkg-message at the
end, like the rest of you...

Source Makefile
Since I made the (simple) source Makefile, I would have liked to take 
advantage of the
many predefined macros/variables i the port Makefile.
It seems strange to me, to pass them as a patch (like this: s|CC?= gcc|CC?= 
${CC}|g )

How many of them if any, are passed on to the source makefile? Are there a 
way to turn
them all on? if that: any documentation? (except the file)

BR, Simon 

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