[RFC/P] Port System Re-Engineering

Frank Mitchell mitchell at wyatt672earp.force9.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 12:14:47 PST 2007

On Sunday 02 December 2007 10:01, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:

> 1. What is more important to your personal use of FreeBSD (the ports
> system, the underlaying OS, some other aspect)?
FreeBSD man pages seem alot more helpful than their Linux counterparts. And I 
can understand FreeBSD Source Code while Linux Code remains obscure to me.

> 2. How frequently do you interact with the ports systems and what is
> the most common interaction you have with it?
I live in Britain and I don't yet have a Broadband Connection, so I don't 
access the Ports. I dual-boot Linux for its software, sharing data via an 
ext2  Partition.

> 3. What is the single best aspect of the current system?
The standard two FreeBSD Install CDs provide a good compact distro by 
themselves.  Gnumeric is the only package I really miss.

> 4. What is the single worst aspect of the current system?
Here in UK we have Cottage Industries (like Maxtux) supplying downloadable 
Unix Install CDs & DVDs at bargain prices. I couldn't find any FreeBSD Ports 
on downloadable CD.

> 5. If you where a new FreeBSD user how would your answers above
> change?   If you where brand new to UNIX how whould they change?
I'd still be trying to figure out what it all meant.

> 6. Assuming that there was no additional work on your behalf would you
> use a new system if it corrected your answer to number 4?
Suppose you issued sections of Ports System on individual CDs, maybe with an 
individual Install Utility on each. I'm sure the UK Cottage Industry would 
market these. It depends whether you want to look like a Linux Distro.

> 7. Same as question 6 but for your answer on question 3?
Sometime I'll get Broadband and then the Ports will be more accessible for me, 
however they're provided.

> 8. How long have you used FreeBSD and/or UNIX in general?
I've used Linux increasingly since 1999. I discovered FreeBSD several years 
ago after getting tired of Political Correctness and obscure Source Code. I 
finally disentangled myself from MS Windows this year.

> 9.  That is your primary use(s) for your FreeBSD machine(s) (name upto 3)?
1: Internet Access. 2: I'm developing a CD-Writing Utility for Data Backup, 
which is my own original creation and completely independent of mkisofs and  

> 10. Assuming there is no functional difference what is your preferred
> installation method for 3rd party software?
CD / DVD distro at present.

> 11. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best) please rate the
> importance of the following aspects of the ports system?
>        a. User Interface
>        b. Consistency of behaviors and interactions
>        c. Accuracy in dependant port installations
>        d. Internal record keeping
>        e. Granularity's of the port management system
User interface = 10. Others = No Experience.

> 12. Please rate your personal technical skill level?
Expert compared to some people.

Faictz Ce Que Vouldras: Frank Mitchell

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