HELP needed by experienced porter for simple review

GP godpost at
Mon Dec 3 13:50:23 PST 2007

Thanks a lot!

I have as you sugested, but have a problems:

> I don't really like to create FILESDIR and move from WRKSRC to FILESDIR. 
> The WRKDIR/WRKSRC are the place where you work anything inside. However, 
> move from WRKSRC to FILESDIR might create problem in future so avoid that.

When I leve it out I get this error:
===>  Installing for kissdx-0.13.10a
** Missing /usr/ports/distfiles/files/ for kissdx-0.13.10a.
*** Error code 1

> I think that's all for now. Most of answers are in the porter handbook.

You are probably right. I read it first of cause. But its not very easy to 
understand, if you havent worked with porting before.
(The are almost no examples in it.)

BR Simon 

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