duration of the ports freeze

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at math.missouri.edu
Sun Dec 2 08:39:35 PST 2007

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
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>> I am not comparing a ports freeze to Global warming -- just
>> likening the responses to a problem.
> And like global warming it is something everyone thinks they know
> something about but at the end of day it turns out that as far I can
> tell no one really understands the entire problem.   Michael Crichton
> did a really good job looking at this in "State of Fear" (2003) where
> he basically showed in a fictionalized manner (but as shown in the
> appendix's fact based) that anyone who claimed to understand global
> warming (or lack thereof) was being at best egotistical.    Basically
> his thesis is we do not know enough (with hard science) about the
> problem (or lack thereof) base any short of policy on.   In short
> everyone is equally wrong.

Well I've said my piece on the ports freeze, so no need for me to repeat 
myself.  But thanks for the interesting reference to the book by Michael 
Crichton.  If the book is as you say it is, then it happens to agree 
with my perceptions on the subject as well.


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