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> I am not comparing a ports freeze to Global warming -- just
> likening the responses to a problem.

And like global warming it is something everyone thinks they know
something about but at the end of day it turns out that as far I can
tell no one really understands the entire problem.   Michael Crichton
did a really good job looking at this in "State of Fear" (2003) where
he basically showed in a fictionalized manner (but as shown in the
appendix's fact based) that anyone who claimed to understand global
warming (or lack thereof) was being at best egotistical.    Basically
his thesis is we do not know enough (with hard science) about the
problem (or lack thereof) base any short of policy on.   In short
everyone is equally wrong.

The ports system I think is currently in the same state you have one
group who thinks nothing is wrong but doesn't have any historical
evidence to support such a claim.   On the other side you have people
(like me) who "know" there is a problem but lack any kind of hard data
to clearly state what it is (or that there even is one).

Thats the reason for the survey I posted (an objective first look at
peoples empirical perceptions of the system as a way of framing what
questions need to be answered to know if there really is a long term
problem).   Only then can we quantize the problem and establish a set
of tests to objectivally see the current longterm health of the
system.   Assuming a change is needed then we will need to start to
look at solutions.   I suspect the first 2 phases will not be done to
mid Jan and a reasonable first cut as to solutions will not be done to
the end of Feb.

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