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> I do not think we need a compromise we need a different system. We
> need one that preserves continuity of support for existing systems
> while the new releases are testedin a way that does not adversely
> impact them. The priority needs to be the current user base not a
> desire to rush a new release out the door at all costs.

Over the last few days I have read a very good book that sheds a lot
of light on this "Beyond Software Architecture" by Luke Huffman
(Addison Wesley, 2003, ISBN: 0-201-77954-8) [I am sure it is somewhere
on the p2p nets].   His thesis is that there are two side by side
architectures both of which must be in sync for a really good
solution.   There is the technical and the marketing architectures.
Disclaimer he a decidedly MS/mass market view.

The port freeze might make a lot of sense from the technical
architecture but it makes horrible sense from the marketing.   I think
the FreeBSD community would do well to consider his main points in any
major redo of the current standard way of doing things.

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