Apache build options/modules from ports

Helmut Schneider jumper99 at gmx.de
Fri Apr 13 07:58:24 UTC 2007

From: "timmartin" <instanttim at mac.com>

> So I typically use portupgrade to install and upgrade my ports. I recently
> realized that there's an additional apache22 module that isn't installed
> by default that I would like. It's the mod_auth_dbd and mod_dbd modules
> if you care. But the point is that I'm trying to figure out the easiest
> way to have these built along with everything else.
> Using portupgrade seems like it makes this a bit harder -- from a
> read-only copy of the ports no less. Using 'configure' and/or make args
> I got it to build those modules but it didn't build any of the other
> ones that it normally builds. Is there a way to just simply specify the
> addition of the ones i want and accept the defaults for everything else?

As you were using portupgrade, man pkgtools.conf

An Apache20 installation could look like this:

        'www/apache20' => [

> make show-modules seems to indicate that there is a way to enable or
> disable things before the build is triggered, but I couldn't find the
> method to get all the defaults that the port normally builds in addition
> to the two I need.

Why not? Defining a module should not change the default modules/catagories.

HTH, Helmut 

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