Apache build options/modules from ports

timmartin instanttim at mac.com
Fri Apr 13 06:31:55 UTC 2007

 So I typically use portupgrade to install and upgrade my ports. I recently
realized that there's an additional apache22 module that isn't installed by
default that I would like. It's the mod_auth_dbd and mod_dbd modules if you
care. But the point is that I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to have
these built along with everything else.

Using portupgrade seems like it makes this a bit harder -- from a read-only
copy of the ports no less. Using 'configure' and/or make args I got it to
build those modules but it didn't build any of the other ones that it
normally builds. Is there a way to just simply specify the addition of the
ones i want and accept the defaults for everything else?

make show-modules seems to indicate that there is a way to enable or disable
things before the build is triggered, but I couldn't find the method to get
all the defaults that the port normally builds in addition to the two I

Even a pointer to a good primer on customizing port installs would be great.
Everything I found via google was just basic stuff, or stuff for port
maintainers and programmers -- not much in between for someone like myself.
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