HEADS UP: gcc 4.1 and package builds

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Wed Sep 27 18:16:20 PDT 2006

If any of you are in the habit of monitoring pointyhat or derivative
sites (portsmon, etc) for port failures, note that the current
i386/7.0 build is using a snapshot of gcc 4.1 as part of plans to
update the compiler in HEAD:


I don't want to make this a focus of ports development yet, since we
have 6.2 looming and people should be focusing on that instead.
However, gcc 4.1 will be entering the tree some time soon (maybe after
6.2 is out), so it's something that people should be aware of; kan@
hopes to distribute the patches soon for wider testing.

In the meantime you can get a head start on fixing the many problems
that are coming to light with the new compiler (we're looking at maybe
~1000 new failures across the ports tree from the usual round of
increased compiler strictness) by installing the gcc41 port and using
that with CC=gcc41 and CXX=g++41 set (if your port does not respect
these: shame on you and go and fix that too! :)

Since f77 will no longer be part of the base compiler suite, fortran
ports will need to set the appropriate USE_GCC variable, and we'll
likely need a bsd.gcc.mk tweak to force installation of the
appropriate port on 7.0 versions without fortran support in the base.
It would be great if someone who is interested in fortran support
could look into that.


P.S. In other news, a lot of the other builds are giving bzip2 errors
on package dependencies since I updated pointyhat the other day, from
what seems to be a 7.0 TCP bug.  I'll hopefully be able to schedule a
reboot soon to try and fix that.
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