x11/xmixer, multimedia/ruby18-shout, etal Followup

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Sep 27 12:17:35 PDT 2006

Bill Blue wrote:

> Ok, I have found the problem.  I had mis-specified the port group
> that a particular port was in.  xmixer is in audio, not x11, for
> example.
> if you use portmaster's -p option to specify the path to a port and
> that path doesn't exist, portmaster will display a message that the
> path is not found and no xref is found, but then proceed to clean
> for ' ', which essentially walks through the entire tree.  It
> doesn't stop when the specified port is not found!  The not found
> messages go by quickly and I never saw them.

Thanks for the reminder about this one, I keep thinking that I've
fixed it, but obviously I hadn't. It is now fixed (hopefully for
good!) in the latest version that I just announced.



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